About of MSRTC (Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation)

About of MSRTC (Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation)

The Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation is established by State Government of Maharashtra as per the provision in Section 3 of  RTC Act 1950.

The M.S.R.T.Corporation is operating it’s services by the approved scheme of Road Transport Published vide Notification MVA 3173/30303-XIIA dated 29.11.1973 in the official gazette.

The area covered by the scheme is entire area of the State of Maharashtra. The undertaking is operating stage and contract carriage services in the entire area of the state of Maharashtra except S.T. undertaking defined under Section 68 A (b) of M. V. Act and other exception published in the scheme.

The Present Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation(M.S.R.T.C.) represents the confluence of three streams for providing passenger road transport in the public sector. These related to the Pre-1956 Reorganization states of Bombay, Madhya Pradesh and Hyderabad. However, in chronological sequence, the place of pride for providing public road transport services goes to the Hyderabad state.

First bus having been flagged off from the Pune to Ahmednagar in 1948.

Official Website of MSRTC : http://www.msrtc.gov.in/


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